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Bexhill Blocked Guttering

Most of the time gutters are an over looked part of your home, though they are an important part of your home, working by directing rainfall away from your building. Here at Tempo Window Cleaning, we provide a full blocked gutter Bexhill service to tend to this need to make sure you don’t run into any issues with looks and preformance of your gutters, and in same cases fix the issues having blocked gutters can cause.

A build up of dirt, moss & leaves can collect in your gutters therefore preventing water draining away from your property. If gutters are left untreated they can become blocked and heavy, sometimes even breaking away from the building, resulting in costly repairs. These problems can easily be avoided by our blocked gutter service, for the Bexhill, Hastings and East Sussex area.

We clean all debris from gutters and check downspouts as these can get blocked on bends. We also check the rubber seals and repair them where necessary as birds pick at these for nesting materials.

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